The Fishop was established by Mr. Ankur Maini, who is very much attached to fishes industry by heart. His primary vision in context with The Fishop is to provide best services to fish parents so that he can show his love towards his wet friends.

Our Specials

We have all type of fish feed for your water baby

We believe having wide range of products so that our customer get choice in buying. Also our products will make your fish healthy and will nourish them. We deal in fish feed companies like Tayio, Tetra Bits, Drools, Okiko, Shrimp-E etc. All of our products are 100% genuine.

Make your tank more beautiful with our decorations

Playing every time with your water friends is not easy in today’s busy life. So we have these decorations and toys for your fishes. These decorations will make your tank look more beautiful. Also, these won’t let your fishes feel alone, they can play on their own.

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In addition to our retail shop on fishes and accessories, we also provide many services at your doorstep. We love delighting our clients by maintaining quality in our services.

Fish Medication

Is your fish feeling unhealthy? Please reach us as soon as possible. We have the best understanding with them. Best medication will cheer them up. Also prevention is better than cure. Get a free consultation about fish feeds and diet plan.

Fish Perks

Want to know more about your water babies. Make a habit of coming on my website and reaching this section. I’ll post lots of knowledgeable stuff here. Please reach me if you are not finding the answer to query, you’re looking for.

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