Sobo Aquarium Air Pump sb 108 – The Fishop

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Air Pumps and Accessories are multifunctional additions to any aquarium. These inexpensive items help increase oxygen level and improve aquarium water quality.



SOBO SB-108 air pump,Long lasting performance,Energy saving design,With low noise and big output,Suction cups to fit any aquarium,Single Outlet /High quality more bubbles more air flow,High polymer composite rubber air pump for long working life and reliability,Low noise, generous air capacity,dose not require oil lubrication,Electronic control of input ratio for high efficiency and low energy consumption,Reliable function and low price,The standard in high-quality air pumps, provides high performance and reliability,Generous air capacity,efficient with low power consumption,It provides ample power to supply your accessories,To create all types of aquarium tank.


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