Sobo Aquarium Sponge Filter sb 3330 – The Fishop

749.00 359.00

* Filter the water with the ease of use of enterprise Svbv

* Ability to set up easy with an air pump

* A foam sponge with high porosity and quality

* Local ideal for the growth of beneficial bacteria

* In addition to the oxygen in the aquarium water helps

* Noise reduction of conventional pumps and thus less energy consumption

* Weight and can be used anywhere in the aquarium

* Applicable for home aquarium, shops and fish breeding application vendors

* Suitable for babies fish

* Dimensions foam base: height 14 cm – 12 cm in diameter

* Top tube length: height: 8.5 cm – 2.5 cm diameter



Sobo brings to you its range of products that will help you keep your aquarium well oxygenated, clean and fresh. This efficient Sponge Filter SB-3330 comes with an airlift system and super biological sponge filter with excellent filtering effect. It oxygenates the water and its foam material supports the colonization of bacteria allowing foe mechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration. This breaks down harmful waste ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish. Its nodular design of foam cartridge system is easy to maintain.


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